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In nature, we can find exceptional ingredients, naturally effective. Botanically and biochemically defined essential oils, cold pressed virgin vegetable oils, unrefined and unprocessed ... to bring to the skin all the benefits of these precious assets rich in unsaturated and unsaponifiable fatty acids.

a like bitter Almond essential oil (Prunus amygdalus amara)

We like the smell of this essential oil of Bitter Almond, with the delicate scent of freshly ground almonds, obtained by distillation of the bitter almond.
A masking agent in perfumery, flavoring in pastry (hummm ... the famous french "galette des rois"!), it's a must have in cosmetics, for its depigmenting virtues in perfect synergy with the essential oil of Carrot seed.
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a like Argan vegetable oil (Argania spinosa)

It is a pure wonder that argan oil, a true pearl in cosmetics! And for a good reason: not only does it regenerate the skin by restoring its protective hydrolipidic film, but it also provides the structural elements of the epidermal cells, nourishing it and thus providing tonus and radiance like the best anti-aging care. For oils, no better "lipid" signature possible.
Finally, it penetrates very well ... So let's not deprive ourselves: use and abuse! It is specified that for gourmets, it exists in gastronomic version; Its little taste of "toasted hazelnut" will accompany wonderfully the Mediterranean dishes!
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a like Avocado vegetable oil (Persea gratissima)

It is the vegetable oil of repair and healing by excellence. Featuring omega 9, it is ideal for skins lacking elasticity and will make the happiness of the dry skin. In addition, it contains many vitamins (C, E, proVitamin A) and trace elements. It is an ally in the fight against these famous free radicals so harmful to the skin.
It is rich and penetrates well, why avoiding it?
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b like Bois de Hô essential oil (Cinnamomum camphora linaloolferum)

The essential oil of Bois de Hô is also known under its other name, more exotic, the essential oil of shiu. Its wood is distilled. Not to be confused with that of Bois de Rose whose resource is tending to disappear (IUCN has just classified the Bois de Rose as an endangered species, to be absolutely protected). Its delicate fragrance comes close and its virtues are very similar. That's why we love it. Its application in cosmetics is unavoidable. With its regenerating, tonic and firming properties, it is our anti-aging ally.
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c like vegetable oil of Calophyllum (Calophyllum inophyllum)

So special! First because of its green color, it detonates...
And that's not all! Its odor, a wonderful olfactory journey to Asia! Amazing and very active to fight against dark circles, and of the worries caused by circulation...
For sportsmen, in massage, it relieves all the tensions ...
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c like Carrot essential oil (Daucus carota)

It is THE essential oil of regeneration. Its essential oil is distilled from the seeds. Very used in dermatology for its stimulating cellular action, perfect to help healing in synergy with the essential oil of Lavender ...
We love it essentially for its little help to mitigate the tasks and for its good-looking effect as a bonus!
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c like roman Chamomile essential oil (Anthemis nobilis)

Roman chamomile, a medicinal herb consumed for its soothing virtues, is well known to all. Who, in fact, has not abused this natural beverage to prepare his sleep? Its essential oil is distilled from freshly harvested flowering tops. It is known for its anti-oxidant properties and perfect to protect us from external agressions. Not to mention its tensing effect boosting the synthesis of collagen. We love it because it does us good, inside as well as outside! Even sensitive skin says yes and our skin radiates!
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c like Cardamone essential oil (Elletaria Cardamomum)

A little tea? It is as an infusion that Cardamom is used in Chinese medicine. Today, it is its black seeds that are used for this essential oil with a fresh and spicy smell. Rich in trace elements, it frees the respiratory and digestive tracts of various ailments and also relieves muscle tension. Do not forget either its antiviral actions, antibacterial and skin healing and repair!
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c like Carnauba wax (Copernicia Cerifera)

Known for being the hardest of plant waxes, this wax offers incredible natural protection. It is secreted by Palm leaves to protect them from arid climates. This is why the palm is sometimes called "tree of life" and that explains why it never dries up. With its strong repairing and protective properties, this wax gives softness and suppleness to the skin and prevents premature aging of the skin.
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c like Cistus essential oil (Cistus ladaniferus)

The essential oil of cistus and its balsamic fragrance so singular ...
Favorite olfactory for ones, an odor that tamed for others but if used it is that its anti-aging virtues are unavoidable!
We love its regenerating power, healing, restructuring connective tissue, it has everything of a big one!
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c like Coconut vegetable oil (Coco nucifera)

Everyone knows its virtues and its smell is so appreciated.
Coconut oil can be either solid or liquid... In synergy with other oils, it mixes easily, has a pleasant touch on the skin, and does not leave any greasy film.
Coconut vegetable oil is addictive, and impurities love it! 
It attracts them, and makes an incredible finished cleaning with a very smooth skin... 
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c like Colza essential oil (Brassica napus)

At first, we like its discreet note that reminds the cabbage and made in the tendency ... after Kale, why not Colza? And then, this small forgotten cosmetology - the vegetable oil of Hemp is mostly used in food in refined - is very interesting by its complete composition in omegas (3, 6 and 9). We like it virgin skin application to prevent dehydration, and for its antioxidant action thanks to the vitamin E it contains.
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c like Cypress essential oil (Cupressus sempervirens)

Its name evokes the crickets and the south, and these beautiful Cypresses present all around the Mediterranean...
This decongestant essential oil reduces edema and brings lightness during the day! No more heavy legs or bags under the eyes !
It may be contraindicated in high doses in hormone-dependent cancers for its "estrogen-like" effect.
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e like Encens essential oil (Boswellia Carterii)

These are drops of resin that have hardened against the trunk of the tree while waiting for the harvest. They are then called "incense tears", so poetic! Think of using them instead of traditional incense sticks for a meditation session. This essential oil with healing virtues, is also known to soothe stress and calm nervousness.
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g like Geranium rosat essential oil (Pelargonium type Bourbon)

We like its note pink, green, soft and penetrating. Its origin is exotic, island of Reunion, Madagascar. We love it so much because it is unavoidable for the skin: astringent, skin tonic, regenerating, tensor and protective, all on olfactory background addictive ... we do not get tired and we share without moderation ! Inhale, exhale and feel good :)
A small tip for everyday life injuries : in case of a cut, it is ideal in synergy with the essential oil of Ciste for its haemostatic power.
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g like Granada vegetable oil (Punica granatum)

Here is another vegetable oil of an incredible richness and so specific with its omega 5 which give it a strong antioxidant action. Its effectiveness in that matter is no longer to be proven.
It stimulates cell regeneration, making it one of our best anti-aging allies. The vegetable oil of Granada is also lightly protective, just like vegetable oil of Hemp, but beware, it does not replace solar care!
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g like Grapefruit essential oil (Citrus paradisi)

This is a beautiful natural hybrid between grapefruit and sweet orange. Citrus maxima x citrus sinensis: x as a cross, x as a multiple effect, x as synergy. A natural mix of nature's delights. The essential oil of Grapefruit is great for the silhouette.
Like the Lentisque Pistachier, it decongests - and cherry on the cake, it would have an action on the adipose clusters! We've tested it in a massage in our slow beauty ritual ....
A must have!
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h like italian Helichryse essential oil (Helichrysum italicum)

It could be called the magician as its action is bluffing on cutaneous tissues and circulation! Extremely effective on bruises.
Its smell is powerful, but whatever it is is irreplaceable. In cosmetics, it is adopted for its anti-oxidizing, regenerating and restructuring action on collagen fibers.
It is valuable in comprehensive anti-aging care. And its other name is... the Immortal !!
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h like Hemp vegetable oil (Cannabis sativa)

Its use in cosmetics is not very common. Pity. It is one of its varieties, deprived of THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol, psychotropic agent), which will be used to press the seeds and to give the oil of Hemp. The stems, for their part, will be used for the manufacture of paper, textiles and building materials. We love this versatile and ecological plant... The vegetable oil is rich in omega 3, hence its interesting anti-inflammatory action. It is very fluid and penetrates quickly. Perfect for a day care! It would also be photo-protective but we still prefer to advise to always wear a sunscreen (organic of course!) before exposure. Pure principle of precaution. Hemp oil is a sure value in anti-aging care.
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j like Jojoba vegetable oil (Simmondsia sinensis)

Do not misunderstand, Jojoba oil is not an oil but a vegetable wax. Close to human sebum, it is a raw material essential in the natural face care. In fact, it regulates the production of sebum and that is why it is often recommended for mixed skin. Its dry touch is incredible.
And its moisturizing effect linked to its protective action, a must!
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s like Shea Butter (Butospermum Parkii)

Used for a long time for its cosmetic benefits, it's not for nothing! Its very rich composition is at the origin of a multitude of uses. Nourishing, healing, softening, It is the ally of sensitive skin, dry and tired. It is an indispensable to which everyone will find it useful, no doubts !
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l like Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

This is an essential oil that we should all have at home. It is with it that modern aromatherapy is born: the story goes back to Dr. Gatefossé, chemist, who accidentally discovered his healing properties. Thanks to its relaxing, soothing, inhaling or massage power, the everyday tensions are over. Cherry on the cake, it prevents and repairs the effects of dehydration. Beware though, some may develop an allergy with this essential oil. It is rather rare, but place a drop in the elbow crease and wait 15 min to evaluate the skin tolerance. Safer!
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l like Lentisque essential oil (Pistacia lentiscus)

In the same way as the essential oil of Helichryse, that of Lentisque pistachier is a circulatory reference: it is draining and decongestant.
In synergy with a penetrating vegetable oil, it is perfect in massage to give lightness.
3, 2 1 ... leave: with this essential oil, we are ready for the (half?) Marathon!
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m like the essential oil of Green Mandarin (Citrus Reticula)

The essential oil of green tangerine zest appeals to adults as to children and it is nice then that it is suitable for everyone!
Small sorrow or stress, we must bet on it because it calms and soothes...
we just love it!
To eat also without moderation: the fruit of course :)
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m like Myrrhe essential oil (Commiphora myrrha)

The Myrtle tree, whose resin flows like tears, is mythical. Its sweet, balsamic odor is mystical. Sacred plant, its essential oil in inhalation is conducive to meditation, its moment to itself to do well.
We like its multi-facets because if it does good to the mind, it also ensures skin side. Its essential oil acts on the fibroplasts, it is anti-oxidant.
And its "bubble effect" protects us against external aggressions! Namaste.
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m like red Myrte essential oil (Myrtus communis)

The Myrtle has been used since time immemorial where it was the symbol of love and beauty.
Very popular in perfumery, its essential restructuring oil is balancing the central nervous system.
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o like Olive oil (Olea Europaea)

That's right, we do eat extra virgin oil every day... and our skin should be jealous!
Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids, omega 9 but also unsaponifiable (these active ingredients that do not turn into soap with soda :) and are so good for the health for their antioxidant properties (Vit E, phenols ...)
To make it short, why deprive yourself?
The skin says YES, it feels soothed and regenerated!
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o like sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus aurantium dulcis) 

It is called essential oil of sweet Orange, but it is obtained by cold expression of the pericardium of the fruit, or, in clear, of the zest.
Did you know it ?
The sweet orange tree comes from a natural hybridization between grapefruit and mandarin. And cosmetics in all this? Its sparkling note is well known and its essence boosts the penetration of other assets, all in a very natural way. Think of it also in diffusion to clean the air, very useful these days.
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o like Oregano essential oil (Origanum compactum) 

It's not about flavoring our dish to bring a little southern touch, even if it's delicious in culinary! If used in cosmetics, it is because the essential oil of Oregano is active. It brings this "peeling effect" that will help the skin to regenerate and give it radiance. But who says "active", says "to use with precaution", never pure and on the advice of your doctor or in "ready to use" products developed following the rules :)
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p like Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martini)

If we had to choose, it would be among the 10 essential oils indispensable to our beauty case. We like its exotic side: from India and Vietnam, its smell is close to the Lemon grass. Its taste so specific is the star of Asian dishes ... lemongrass, rings a bell? It is also a super anti-infectious, it overcomes many infections.
Finally, and especially, it is very interesting in dermatology, in body care, for its decongestant and tensor effects.
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p like Patchouli essential oil (Pogostemon cablin)

Prized among hippies (do you know why?), its notoriety also leads to fine perfumery...
Pure, the essential oil of Patchouli is heavy, and it is better to associate with other essential oils, but the finest noses will recognize it!
And above all, it should be used in its plant version and not synthetic.
Like the essential oil of Cypress, it is decongestant and stimulates circulation.
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p like Petit grain essential oil (Citrus aurantium) 

Interesting Petit Grain or Bigaradier. It has everything for itself, and that's why we love it. Relaxing, soothing, balancing, it handles our emotions and our little blues! So we breathe and we moist .... Because in addition it is a real olfactory pleasure. Be careful not to be confused with the flowers of this small shrub that are distilled to give the essential oil of Neroli. For Petit Grain, the leaves are used.
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p like Prickly Pear vegetable oil (Opuncia ficus indica)

Its vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds of the prickly pear, which is among the Cactus. And it takes pips to squeeze 1 liter of oil! This is what makes it a very high-end oil. It is unfortunately often used in too small quantities, by brands who think that the name will make dream. Too bad, because it is really incredible. Because of its concentration of unsaponifiables, such as vitamin E and phytosterols with anti-radical and anti-inflammatory virtues and its richness in essential fatty acids to prevent dehydration and aging skin. As for the fruit itself, it is a gustative experience! But be careful, it stings :) you will have been warned!
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s like Soya vegetable oil (Glycine soja oil) 

The vegetable oil of Soya, extracted from the beans of the same name, is rarely used virgin and yet, it should be, with its discrete odor so specific at the same time.
Its color is solar!
It is well balanced in omega and is therefore perfectly suitable for mature and dry skin.
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s like Cane Sugar (Saccharum Officinarum)

Extracted from the sugar cane of course !! Unrefined, we love it for its taste buds and also to preserve its health capital :). It is rich in trace elements and diverted into exfoliating use, the skin is detoxified and the complexion glowing!t !
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s like Sunflower vegetable oil (Helianthus annuus seed oil) 

Why is it so often used in cosmetics?
For its solar side: it lives at the rhythm of the sun ... like it, we need it on a daily basis.
For its taste: that of the sunflower nuggets which were dissected and eaten when we were small. But it is especially rich in unsaponifiables - vitamin E and phytosterols with antioxidant virtues - and essential fatty acid omega 6, which acts as protector.
It also has a texture that penetrates well. In a body care, it is perfect to bring the small side of "dry oil" so important before getting dressed.
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y like Ylang Ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata)

A perfume star! Perfume brands understood it ... its white flower fragrance is unique and bewitching, totally addictive!
It is widely used in olfactotherapy to balance, harmonize.
And it feels good, it removes all the tensions related to daily stress and puts in the right mood to attack a soft night ....
So, yes, we love it!
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