huilettes addicted

les huilettes were born of a tribe of relatives; they will grow with a tribe of fans.
You. Here, or there, everywhere.

Because a tribe is a community bound by its roots and values, the tribe of huilettes addicted will be bound by the 100% natural and 0% superfluous.
And allow us to share, exchange, and collaborate, spontaneously and benevolently. 

Join in! Join the tribe! Send us your story!

Claire aime les cosmétiques naturels

Claire T.

I am an active woman. A real one. 

My days are never long enough to ensure on all fronts: work in an event agency, 3 big children, a curious and involved husband, a little sport and a host of friends that I cherish.

Yet, as I am more like a nature girl, I always find time to press pause.

Girlfriends parties for a drink, short week-end escapes and great horizons, half-running walking on the beach, and yoga. I did not believe it, but it makes me crazy. So, perhaps predetermined by my Swedish blood, I turn more and more towards organic food, good and healthy.

I discovered the essential oils and when I tested les huilettes, I knew that I had found what it needed for my skin. I love it, I can not do without it!

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Marie loves les huilettes

Marie M.

Freelance graphic designer, married and mum of 2 teens.

I love going to the movies in the morning, in the middle of the week! Every day, I say to myself how fortunate I am to have a job that I love, and that offers me this availability.

Rather very (too?) connected, I like to cut off Sunday by walking in the forest or in Paris, no matter when I walk! But if it rains, I admit also enjoy doing nothing at all ... savoring these precious moments of boredom and letting go on my couch, without feeling guilty, never!

As for cosmetics, I have never been a fan of day, night or afternoon creams. If I had been told that one day I would put oil on my face morning and night and that I could not do without it I would not have believed it. Les huilettes, it was direct love at first sight. I LOVE ALL: perfume, texture, "100% natural", the feeling of doing me good. My favorite ? Mon huilette Night is my little evening pleasure ritual. If I have become addict, then you will all become it!

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Armelle aime les cosmétiques bio

Armelle V.

I am quite a simple girl. I love my little corner of Brittany, wild nature, iodine and wind.

I'm surfing, it's good. And Yoga. It empties my head, I become aware of my body, I model it, I let go. It's just essential to my life.

As for nutrition, I am resolutely organic, detox juices, raw food. I have healthy pleasures. I often stick in the french 'bobo' box : I am Parisian, artist, I like small pointed brands, I am found of Colette, Merci and Bonton ... It must be beautiful, green, and especially not over seen! But I believe that I am above all an esthete, in search of experiences and authenticity.

When I discovered les huilettes, I immediately hung. The trendy design, but sober and clean, essential oils and vegetable, the label Bio and Vegan. It's all me. It's for me. I am fan, fan, fan!

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Laurent et les huilettes

Laurent B.
Art Producer.

In my job, as in my life, I like to pay attention to the creation and beauty of the world.

I work with artists to produce works for cultural institutions or luxury brands. I love art, fashion, traveling, nurturing my senses, I am skateboarding in Paris but I do take care of myself.

My approach to cosmetics is pragmatic, the least unnecessary gestures, the least possible products and efficiency.

Les huilettes met my expectations and well beyond, the dynamic or soothing fragrances complete the delicate and natural textures. Upper and down in a healthy way make me "huilettes addicted". Les huilettes Day & Night bring me comfort, well-being, and those small green bottles ...

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Gaëlle aime les sérum huiles

Gaëlle D.

Curious, feminist, involved, hedonist, I love art, culture, in all its forms, sport, travel, party, fashion, ... My tastes are eclectic. I do not like putting 'etiquettes'. I feel concerned about the (good) march of the world. I would like to believe that we will leave to our children and future generations a world of progress. As soon as I can, I choose freedom.

I created my small business to work differently. More flexibility, more focus: at A2Marketing ("Atout" Marketing ;-)), we take care of the communication and digital marketing of our customers, in time-share marketing direction.

Going to the essential, that rings a bell. To love true and strong, to share nice moments in family, among friends, to put intensity in life. And to keep time for well-being...  I love the unmatched feeling of comfort that les huilettes give me: that of a smoothed skin, relaxed... These small bottles do not resemble to any other, bravo for the innovation!

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Valérie les huilettes bio vegan

Valérie J.

I am 46 years old. A half life behind me! Married and mother of 3 children (15, 13 and 8), Parisian adoption but long-time expatriated, I am urban and curious, globetrotter and polyglot, intuitive and creative. A little bit super active. But above all blossomed and well anchored.

From my many lives in France, Brazil, Spain, China and Morocco, from all these places visited, these rich and varied encounters, I realize today that I have kept only the essential.

And all I want, what I seek now, I know, is True.
Relations without blush and without detours, meaningful projects. Write to share, listen to guide and advise, move forward and move forward.

For my beauty rituals, les huilettes have imposed themselves as obvious. The concept, the product... pure, true, essential... to make me beautiful!

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