our tribe

les huilettes were born of a tribe of relatives; they will grow with a tribe of fans.
You. Here, or there, everywhere.

Because a tribe is a community bound by its roots and values, the tribe of huilettes addicted will be bound by the 100% natural and 0% superfluous.
And allow us to share, exchange, and collaborate, spontaneously and benevolently.

Join in ! Join the tribe ! Send us your Story !

Juliette et les huilettes


Founder of Oh My Cream ! 

I have always been a Beauty-addict but it's at the end of Essec business school in 2012 that I decided to make my passion my job! Oh My Cream is a new generation of beauty brand that showcases cleaner and more efficient brands and more expert and transparent customer advice. . This little baby that I'm growing for 5 years now takes me 200% of my time ... but I always find few minutes a day in my bathroom, for a moment just to me.

I test a little compulsively everything that passes me on hand (professional deformation requires ...), but only a few must-haves are always on my shelves.... Mon huilette Body is part of it. I have a crush for it. whereas I have NEVER managed to adopt a body care. Its Texture is rich but the penetration is immediate. The comfort is assured, the smell is exquisite and I love the apothecary packaging... I’m a real Fan of this brand, and I also love the duo of founders which are punchy and authentic!

And this product is almost a family affair: my mother adopted it, and my fiancé steals it !

Hélène et les huilettes


Founder of YUJ - Yoga with Style

I am an entrepreneur in leggings! Three years ago, I left the world of the press to devote myself to my true passion: yoga. I created YUJ, the first French brand of eco-responsible clothing and accessories dedicated to yoga. YUJ also includes Yoga in the City events, two YUJ Yoga Studio studios in Paris with infrared heat, yoga retreats and business classes.

Parisian, fashion addict and working girl, I need to take care of myself and my skin, I am always looking for quality products with a good ethic. So it's not surprising that I became huilettes addicted ... les huilettes give a positive energy  in perfect harmony with my desires. I immediately adopted mon huilette Body, which combines perfectly with the philosophy of yoga.

Sometimes I start my classes with a massage of the nape of the participants with mon huilette Body to relax them. This gives them a real well-being, they let go and are ready to start a good yoga session.


Sophie et les huilettes


Doctor in pharmacy, founder of the Pharm O'naturel network 

I have always had a great interest in organic products, healthy and natural. Constantly looking for these, the concept around natural health was created ... Today, the Pharm O'naturel network is more than 40 pharmacies engaged, with health professionals capable of advising on natural medicines. We select our laboratories independently according to our specifications: natural assets, traceability and efficiency.

I love everything in les huilettes !!
It's a real crush
that I had for this beautiful brand Organic and Vegan.

The quality of the products is there: a savant and sweet blend of essential oils and vegetable oils. Personally, I became addicted to mon huilette Day ... Such a pleasure every morning .... The smell is a pure bliss ...
I can’t live without it!
I am now part of the "huilettes addicted"!

Hélène et les huilettes


co-founder of Grenade Sparks

I created my communication agency a few years ago and since then, at Grenade & Sparks, we have been always seeking to reinvent ourselves and to help companies in their transformation challenges ... Digital, disruptive, innovative, customer proximity; so many key words in communication today. I love to relate around marks useful and emotional stories!

Active woman, business woman, vice-president of Croissance + and member of several French delegations to the G20, I always try to find the right balance between my job, my family and my friends... Eternal subject and yet still relevant for us the women!

It's a good friend who offered me my first huilette. I loved this idea of a complete care, with benefits for my skin and my mood.
A few daily actions with my huilette, just the essential and a real moment for me. And as an expert on communication, I immediately liked the story of this beautiful brand made in France.

Jean Yves et les huilettes


I am a positive egotist!

Do me good, be happy, that's my motto as the fifties are approaching!

I practice a lot of sports, I test and challenge myself ... At the moment with boxing, bikram, triathlon, I feel super fit and muscular as ever.

But above all, I feel relaxed, Zen. I find it easier to disconnect from my professional life, exciting but sometimes too intense.

And sharing time with those I love is more qualitative. Totally positive impact!

When Pascale wanted me to try les huilettes, I thought why not?

I had never really taken care of my skin and then, I love my wife, I wanted to make her happy, to associate with her adventure.

I'm not ashamed to say it, mon huilette Day has become indispensable to me! I put it every morning, it gives me a whiplash.

I am fan.

Clémentine aime les cosmétiques naturels


co-founder of Pop in the City 

I am a great adventuress, I like to take up challenges...
I made several 4x4 orientation rallies in Morocco, and it’s with my 2 pilots that we created Pop In the City, a raid urban for women.

Pop in the City is an experiential tourism event to discover a city differently.

In duo, equipped with a map and a roadbook, the participants (the girls!) will try to accomplish the maximum of challenges before crossing the finish line. No predefined course, everything is allowed: appeal to locals, hitchhike, take public transport...
It's boldness and openess that take precedence, not the sporting level!

I am very sensitive to perfumes and I immediately adopted les huilettes when a Popeuse offered them to me.

It is a pleasure to be able to use such sweet oils, which are good for the body and the heart in the morning.

Aurélie et les huilettes


Founder of the web site Detox & Moi

My name is Aurélie, I am 38 years old and I have 2 children, and I left this summer my old job to create my Start Up and my e-shop Green « Detox & Moi ».

I wanted a life and products more green, healthier, for my cosmetics, my food and my daily life.
This is why I created the concept!
I was inspired by California, a solar and very trendy place for everything related to green and vegan trendy.

So I naturally contacted Claire & Pascale from les huilettes, to be part of the adventure Detox & Moi.

les huilettes are real beautiful products, with a perfect composition, green and vegan.

The smells of those huilettes carry you immediately in an olfactory journey and which in addition to being effective, bring you a moment of pure well-being.
I love them !! Completly addicted !

Félicie aime les cosmétiques naturels


Yoga teacher, life coach & feel good seminars


After four years in strategy and finance, I realized that my activities did not make sense for me anymore. Thn discovering yoga, I immediately made of this discipline a daily practice.

At first, I needed to maltreat my ego, "you do not even know how to make peacocks!" Then I learned what yoga teaches: be more gentle with myself, dissociate what my body does to what I really am.

I have found a discipline where we can improve, go beyond, and accept ourselves as we are. I wanted to share it with others. I give some classes in the 19th arrondissement in Paris and I organize retreats of "yoga, fasting & hiking", "yoga, vegan & hiking".

I think I'm FAN number 1 of les huilettes! My first contact was during a yoga class. The beautiful scents accompanied me during this course and I told myself "I want to know more about this product and why it is so special!" I quickly realized that beyond a product, it was born from a friendship.

It is this dimension that also makes Félicieyoginise + huilettes = love

Fabienne aime les cosmétiques naturels


Bien-être Life Style - Beauté Wellness

As a great dreamer, very curious, I like discovering, traveling, wellness, green, yoga ... the slow life style!

It has been already 25 years that I travel the universe of well being and beauty. I always love to invent new care gestures, new rituals for cosmetics brands. Today, women interest me more than anything! To jostle their habits in order to change their daily life inspires me enormously. Guiding them in their choice and advising them to meet their expectations is essential.

I imagined for them an online program entirely dedicated to wellness, vitality and anti-aging beauty: Yksilö "Dare your well-being".

les huilettes perfectly respond to my desires, the purity of the ingredients, the power of the aromatic notes favored by the self massage and breathing causes an extremely healthy sensation for the skin but also a deep well being of the spirit!

Addicted to les huilettes, I am ...

Claire aime les cosmétiques naturels


I am an active woman. A real one.

My days are never long enough to ensure on all fronts: work in an event agency, 3 big children, a curious and involved husband, a little sport and a host of friends that I cherish.

Yet, as I am more like a nature girl, I always find time to press pause.

Girlfriends parties for a drink, short week-end escapes and great horizons, half-running walking on the beach, and yoga. I did not believe it, but it makes me crazy.

So, perhaps predetermined by my Swedish blood, I turn more and more towards organic food, good and healthy.

I discovered the essential oils and when I tested les huilettes, I knew that I had found what it needed for my skin.

I love it, I can not do without it!

My inspiration milkdecoration

Delphine est huilettes addicted



I am an Hedonist, always looking for happiness and wisdom ... In my job, happiness is this contact with children and adults that I treat every day. I like to create a link between them and me, to exchange in all circumstances, and to take the time to listen to them!

Wisdom, this is difficult to reach... but my recipe is to take care of both the people I love, but also of me to preserve my energy.

Curious at heart, I'm always ready to go on trips -in real or through readings- to discover new adventures that will delight my daily life!

I discovered les huilettes to their genesis because I have the chance to well know one of the founders.

I immediately adhered to the concept of less is more and especially to the virtues of well-being of these little magic oils, a real plus in my beauty routine.

Thank you les huilettes!

Marie loves les huilettes


Freelance graphic designer, married and mum of 2 teens

I love going to the movies in the morning, in the middle of the week! Every day, I say to myself how fortunate I am to have a job that I love, and that offers me this availability.

Rather very (too?) connected, I like to cut off Sunday by walking in the forest or in Paris, no matter when I walk! But if it rains, I admit also enjoy doing nothing at all ... savoring these precious moments of boredom and letting go on my couch, without feeling guilty, never!

As for cosmetics, I have never been a fan of day, night or afternoon creams. If I had been told that one day I would put oil on my face morning and night and that I could not do without it... I would not have believed it.

les huilettes, it was direct love at first sight. I LOVE ALL: perfume, texture, "100% natural", the feeling of doing me good. My favorite ? Mon huilette Night is my little evening pleasure ritual.  If I have become addicted, then you will all become it!

Follow me on www.merciermarie.com 

Corinne et les huilettes


co-founder of Chic des Plantes !, (new) infusions 100% organic and made in France www.chicdesplantes.fr

At 48 years old (already ??), I have never been so fit! After 40 years old I realized that I will have to take care of myself a little and specilaly after two great children and a career atypical (I’ve worked successively as veterinarian, journalist, digital marketing, and in cultural communication ...).

I started at 39-40 years gently with Pilates, which quickly solved me small problems of back pain and I continue with a total addiction to yoga. Then I'm interested in what I put on my plate (it's organic? Local?), in my glass and finally in my cup, creating at the end of 2015 the infusions of which I dreamed.

On cosmetics side, I’ve also discovering some products for face and body care, by being more and more attentive to their composition. So when Claire and Pascale make me discover les huilettes, I become totally addicted to mon huilette Night due to its smell, its texture and the comfortable film it leaves on my skin all night long. Its format is ultra-practical, especially when traveling.

It doesn’t leave me anymore! 

Fabienne aime les huilettes bio


Creator of furniture and objects, 100% useful and 100% happy FAB Design 


I’m an happy woman and I take life with happiness.

I love the moments of family complicity, running with my friends in the early morning, holidays at the seaside in total freedom, and to share time with others! Interior designer, graphic designer, artistic director, I had many lives.

In 2013, I took the plunge ...It was the beginning of the FAB Design adventure. Create, edit and distribute useful, endearing, simple and happy objects that are immediately noticed and that make every moment happy !!!

On the aesthetic side, I like natural and effective products.

I discovered les huilettes, and I immediately loved these little green bottles with their black pipette and these simple beauty gestures.

I love the texture of these oils and their perfume, 4 drops in the morning, 4 drops in the evening and here I am ready for a day full of life!

Laurent et les huilettes


In my job of Art Producer, as in my life, I like to pay attention to the creation and beauty of the world. I work with artists to produce works for cultural institutions or luxury brands.

I love art, fashion, traveling, nurturing my senses, I am skateboarding in Paris but I do take care of myself.

My approach to cosmetics is pragmatic, the least unnecessary gestures, the least possible products and efficiency.

les huilettes met my expectations and well beyond, the dynamic or soothing fragrances complete the delicate and natural textures.

Upper and down in a healthy way make me "huilettes addicted".

mon huilette Day and mon huilette Night bring me comfort, well-being, and those small green bottles are so nice and so chic in my bathroom !

Follow my work on www.dalbin.com 

and on instagram

Nathalie et les huilettes


I am Nathalie and I live in Montpellier. After 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and the successful launch, with Dominique, my husband, of our company in the field of health, I offer myself the luxury of not working at this time. I volunteer to coach unemployed women over the age of 45, through the "Force Femmes" association..

And as I aim for congruence, serenity and happiness, I do yoga, a little cardio, walking, I swim regularly and I meditate every day when I wake up. On weekends, we often go in the countryside to ride electric mountain bikes with my husband, we love to discover small country roads. I love dancing too! I have been eating organic and / or local for 10 years, to promote small natural producers in my area. I also love getting away from home, traveling and discovering new countries, beings and ways of life different from ours. It's a passion..

I discovered les huilettes through one of the two founders, my old friend, Pascale. I am amazed every day by their effect. My skin is well hydrated, does not shine and my complexion is clear despite my soon 53 years! The eye contour roll on is perfect and the ball refreshes this sensitive area, it's great.

Céline et les huilettes


I had a dream at 22 years old : working in the luxury industry! I gathered all my energy (and I have a lot according to my family ...) in this beautiful project. After a preparatory class and a business school, I worked at Revlon-Gatineau and then several years at marketing YSL Beauté, and also on the launch of the beautiful perfume CHLOE at Coty. It was very beautiful years in very beautiful houses of cosmetics, and real luxury ... everything I dreamed of! But after 30 years, magic no longer works, and I felt the need to give more meaning to my life!

It was after a break to take some time for my children, and a new training, that the meeting of many people gave me the opportunity to take over a service company of more than 20 years of seniority! It was exactly what I was looking for: authenticity, humanity, doing good for others, a real challenge and a new job: to be business leader. www.presdevous.fr.

les huilettes have been obvious from the beginning ... and today are my pleasure, and even my addiction! I finally find the pleasure that I was looking for so hard in my first life: noble ingredients that have been chosen with precision. A texture non-greasy and effective. A strong and respected promise, and a healthy and chic pack... the perfect alchemy to answer to my quest for meaning!

Thank you to les huilettes for having reincarnated my dream ;-)

Armelle aime les cosmétiques bio


I am quite a simple girl. I love my little corner of Brittany, wild nature, iodine and wind. I'm surfing, it's good.
And Yoga. 

It empties my head, I become aware of my body, I model it, I let go. It's just essential to my life.

As for nutrition, I am resolutely organic, detox juices, raw food. I have healthy pleasures.

I often stick in the french 'bobo' box : I am Parisian, artist, I like small pointed brands, I am found of Colette, Merci and Bonton ... It must be beautiful, green, and especially not over seen!

But I believe that I am above all an esthete, in search of experiences and authenticity

When I discovered les huilettes, I immediately hung. The trendy design, sober and clean, essential oils and vegetable oils, Organic and Vegan. 

It's all me. It's for me. I am fan, fan, fan!
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Valérie aime les cosmétiques bio


Outside my family life and my job, I have two passions:

Reading and a small jogging in the park for lunch to get some fresh air...
and then, after studying psychology for pleasure, I keep being passionate about relationship to others.

So, what about les huilettes ?

First of all, there is the fragrance that takes you where you will inevitably want to return.Then there is the contact fortifying of the oil, it’s both soothing and revitalizing.

And in addition to sensory drunkenness, there is the bottle, whose sober and refined aesthetics invites you at first sight.

As you may have guessed, les huilettes are part of my Essentials everyday.

They are an invitation to a senses travel, an appointment with a kind friend, a pleasure and a care, all in one!

Stéphanie aime les huilettes


I am a great handyman.
My hands made me go through carpentry, pottery, sculpture, painting. My garden is my playground!

I have two young adults of 20 and 19 who make my life a total joy.
I work part time with my husband who is also my collaborator, the other half of the time it is the Pilates that premium.

Fresh air, Nature, Trees, Earth make me happy and I hike as soon as I can in Provence where I live, and on the Paths.

I have tested les huilettes since the begining and it become my little flask-friends. 

I can’t do without it.
They bring me relaxation, suppleness of the skin, radiance!

In addition, with 4 drops, I used one huilette Night and one huilette Day within  two months, it is rather economical. 

I ordered again yesterday!

Anne et les huilettes


I’m an active woman of 47 years old and a mum of 3 children.

Always up and full of energy,I like to share beautiful and good things with those I love ... I'm always the first to organize a shopping trip, a weekend between girls or a nice party between old friends. And then, I admit to being a bit crazy about clothes and design ... I love to hunt and make great finds!

Even if I am rather fashion addict, from the beauty side, I am always looking for  simple and effective products:
- I have been removing makeup for years with argan oil,
- for my highlighter, I used for years a good-looking gel produced by a beekeeper with propolis; but the product no longer exists. If any of you have tips ...

In short, when les huilettes are born, they have naturally joined my beauty shelf: simple, natural, effective! My preferences go to mon huilette Night, which I put on like a blanket in the evening, and mon huilette Body, perfect for my dry skin with freckles. And as beautiful objects are part of my environment, I’m happy to see these small green bottles align in my bathroom!

Gaëlle aime les sérum huiles


Curious, feminist, involved, hedonist, I love art, culture, in all its forms, sport, travel, party, fashion, ... My tastes are eclectic. I do not like putting 'etiquettes'. I feel concerned about the (good) march of the world.

I would like to believe that we will leave to our children and future generations a world of progress. As soon as I can, I choose freedom.

I created my small business to work differently. More flexibility, more focus: at A2Marketing ("Atout" Marketing ;-)), we take care of the communication and digital marketing of our customers, in time-share marketing direction.

Going to the essential, that rings a bell. To love true and strong, to share nice moments in family, among friends, to put intensity in life. And to keep time for well-being... 

I love the unmatched feeling of comfort that les huilettes give me: that of a smoothed skin, relaxed... These small bottles do not resemble to any other, bravo for the innovation!

The website of my company www.a2marketing.fr

Marc aime les cosmétiques naturels


Naturally curious, I love to search, and to search again ... objects, ideas, products .. This little weakness, I used it to open Barnabé, my shop in Saint Remy de Provence: a small concept store where you can find design object, accessories, my plant creations but also cosmetics! Since childhood I love bottles, scents, creams, plants, oils!

Over time I became interested in organic, I found its positive effects in my body and on my dermis ... no wonder if I discovered les huilettes!

The speech preached convinced me, I tested before proposing the elixirs to customers, I was quickly conquered!

mon huilette Day matifies my skin mixed and embellished my beard, mon huilette Night gives me a beautiful face when I wake up and mon huilette Body tones me!

Pretty quickly I found a real efficiency in depth!

If, as I wish, I create one day a concept-store focused on organic and nature, I already know that les huilettes will have an important place!

Valérie les huilettes bio vegan


I am 46 years old. A half life behind me!

Married and mother of 3 children (15, 13 and 8), Parisian adoption but long-time expatriated, I am urban and curious, globetrotter and polyglot, intuitive and creative. A little bit super active.
But above all blossomed and well anchored.

From my many lives in France, Brazil, Spain, China and Morocco, from all these places visited, these rich and varied encounters, I realize today that I have kept only the essential.

And all I want, what I seek now, I know, is True. Relations without blush and without detours, meaningful projects. Write to share, listen to guide and advise, move forward and move forward.

For my beauty rituals, les huilettes have imposed themselves as obvious.

The concept, the product... pure, true, essential... to make me beautiful!
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Pascale co-fondatrice les huilettes


I am a globe trotter! I have lived in Indonesia, India, Thailand, Morocco ... (and in France too!), and this has necessarily developed my curiosity and my desire to do things differently, because I like being (a little) non conformist. From all these expatriations, I have learned the importance of the link to the others, of these friendships built at the end of the world, and which formed little by little a new family, it is so important for me.

Urban and in love with nature, I aspire daily to more serenity. Because inevitably in reality, I am always active and too connected! Between a super sporty husband, 3 big children full of energy, my dear friends whom I love to spoil and the family always too far, it takes a bit of agility! But as soon as I can, I go to yoga, part of my "life balance". I can not imagine a week without a sun salutation!

I'm one of those late bloomers who turned out to be an older entrepreneur: the adventure of les huilettes, I have started it with Claire, my friend since 1994, at 45 years old. How lucky to use my expertise (I am Doctor in Pharmacy and an aromatherapy expert) and all these years of professional experience in beauty to create a project that suits me and that makes sense ... gratitude! Effective yet ultra-clean formulas, incredible synergy of essential oils and vegetable oils... and products that I developed for me, my friends and all those women that we are. Namaste.

Claire co-fondatrice les huilettes


I am found of projects.
They are my voto and my energy, they make me happy and smiling. Without them, I would be so sad! I need to have a lot of them ... and to share them with those I love.
Small ones: run in the morning with my friends in the neighborhood, go to the movie with my love, reinvente the world during a girls night, enjoy a moment alone with one of my sons…
Great ones too: the NY marathon, the GR20 in Corsica, the Amazons raid, the ascent of a mountain as soon as I cross one and maybe one day a retreat in India (if I can be more Zen) or Kilimanjaro!

And then, of course, les huilettes!
A very great entrepreneurial adventure, even more beautiful because built with Pascale and that offers us the chance to meet wonderful people and in exchange ... with whom I can still share new projects :)

When Pascale once told me that with les huilettes, I will not want to put anymore cream, that this magic synergy would nourrish my skin and bring it an incredible comfort ... I did not believe her... Today I am completely addicted and I am particularly fond of mon huilette Cleanse, which cleans my skin without drying it!