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Do you ship les huilettes in Europe? 
Yes, you can receive your huilettes in most countries in Europe. But not yet in the whole world;)
You can buy from : they ship worldwide.

4,90 € of postage for a small bottle, it is expensive ...
This includes postal charges and all the attention we have paid to the preparation of your package. Do not hesitate to add a second huilette to your basket... the shipping costs for France are free for two products!

I have just received a sample of mon huilette Day / Night, and I can not open it...
We chose a thin tube so you can have 3 uses of mon huilette and really try the product but it is true that the oil can produce a suction effect and make the opening difficult. We advise you to place your fingernail between the black cap and the tube and leverage with your thumb. You can also use a handkerchief and slide it between the two parts. Just leave the cap on the tube without clipping it not to have the same concern the next day ...

I have just received mon huilette Day or mon huilette Night, and the bottle does not seem enough filled ... From one bottle to the other, the level may vary but be reassured, there is always 15ml of serum-oil in your bottle. It is just that our bottles may have slight differences in the thickness of the walls, which has an impact on the level of filling of the bottle.

I had trouble spreading mon huilette Body, what is the application ritual?
Place three or four pressures of mon huilette Body in the palm of your hands, inhale deeply to take advantage of the psycho-sensorial benefits of essential oils, heat mon huilette Body in between hands, then apply after shower on wet skin.
Take advantage of it to perform a gentle massage, on the thighs, legs and upper body. This massage will leave your skin nourished - you just have to wait a few minutes before you dress.

There is a white deposit in the bottle of mon huilette Cleanse ?
mon huilette Cleanse is formulated with virgin coconut, jojoba and olive vegetable oils. These specific oils freeze when the temperature drops below 10-15°C, a phenomenon that occurs frequently in winter. This phenomenon does not affect the quality of mon huilette Cleanse. Little trick to regain transparency? Immerse mon huilette Cleanse in a glass jar filled with hot water about ten minutes (bain-marie) or put it under hot tap water until the deposit dissolves.

What precautions should I take to make mes huilettes travel?
Remember to screw the cap of mon huilette, if a little oil has remained on the edge of the collar, there may be a mechanical effect that automatically "unscrews" the cap ... So better to check twice! We also advise you to place your huilettes in a small plastic bag if you fly to make sure you do not stain your clothes.

I am pregnant, can I use les huilettes?
Les huilettes are synergies of essential and vegetable oils. Essential oils are very active raw materials so it is better to apply the principle of optimal safety. During pregnancy, favor synergies 100% vegetable oils. We therefore forget essential oils during the time of this magic moment to better find them later ... idem during breast feeding, essential oils penetrate the skin and can end up in breast milk ... so we forget too!

Are les huilettes suitable for children?
A precautionary principle avoids giving essential oils to children under 7 years of age. At the same time, les huilettes are comprehensive anti-aging care :) but ... mon huilette Day is also suitable for teenagers if no particular skin problem, mon huilette Night is a smoothing care - so not a priority among young people, mon huilette Body is suitable for youngers and elders alike to nourish dry skin.