Clean and active cosmetics,
for urban women who have no time and want no compromise!

les huilettes notre promesse

Organic, Vegan, made in France, complete skincare, 100% active oils, a balm that does everything, benefits for the skin and for the spirit ...
High quality ingredients, nothing toxic or controversial, no palm oil, no beeswax, and above all nothing superfluous!
A short range of 7 products, small sizes adapted to our way of life, for women as for men.

Launched at the beginning of 2017 at colette in Paris, les huilettes are now distributed at le Bon Marché, Merci, Printemps, Oh My Cream, in some french pharmacies and nice concept stores.

Praised by the press, you may have seen them in ELLE, VOGUE or MADAME FIGARO.

made in France, natural cosmetics certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards, Vegan registered by the Vegan Society.

our range

la gamme les huilettes

mon huilette Day, the perfect anti-aging oil serum to protect and tone your skin,
mon huilette Body, the incredible body oil to nourish and relipid dry skin,
mon huilette Night, the ideal night serum for letting go and for a smooth and regenerated skin in the morning,
mon huilette Eyes, the eye contour roll on for glow and anti-age,
mon huilette Cleanse, the cleansing oil, a new ritual to cleanse without drying,
mon huilette Rescue, a magical balm that does all,
mon huilette Scrub, a natural body scrub, which provides detox, brightness and gentleness,
mon huilette Sensitive, for all delicate skins.

lnspired by aromatherapy, each drop of mon huilette contains the most valuable synergies of carefully selected, 100% active and effective plants. les huilettes are made of pure chemotyped essential oils and virgin cold-pressed vegetable oils, selected with conviction and dosed with precision. 
There is beauty to receive and to give. There is all that and much more, and yet, only the essential.