Clean and active cosmetics,
for urban women who have no time and want no compromise!

les huilettes notre promesse

Organic, Vegan, made in France, complete skincare, 100% active oils, a balm that does everything, benefits for the skin and for the spirit ...
High quality ingredients, nothing toxic or controversial, no palm oil, no beeswax, and above all nothing superfluous!
A short range of 7 products, small sizes adapted to our way of life, for women as for men.

Launched at the beginning of 2017 at colette in Paris, les huilettes are now distributed at le Bon Marché, Merci, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Oh My Cream, in some french pharmacies and nice concept stores.

Praised by the press, you may have seen them in ELLE, VOGUE or MADAME FIGARO.

les huilettes are made in France. les huilettes are natural cosmetics certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards. les huilettes are Vegan registered by the Vegan Society.

our range

la gamme les huilettes

mon huilette Day, the perfect anti-aging oil serum to protect and tone your skin,
mon huilette Body, the incredible body oil to nourish and relipid dry skin,
mon huilette Night, the ideal night serum for letting go and for a smooth and regenerated skin in the morning,
mon huilette Eyes, the eye contour roll on for glow and anti-age,
mon huilette Cleanse, the cleansing oil, a new ritual to cleanse without drying,
mon huilette Rescue, a magical balm that does all,
mon huilette Scrub, a natural body scrub, which provides detox, brightness and gentleness.

lnspired by aromatherapy, each drop of mon huilette contains the most valuable synergies of carefully selected, 100% active and effective plants. les huilettes are made of pure chemotyped essential oils and virgin cold-pressed vegetable oils, selected with conviction and dosed with precision. 
There is beauty to receive and to give. There is all that and much more, and yet, only the essential.

our commitment, #LABESSENTIEL label

Lean formulations, no cross-fertilizer ingredients, no palm oil, high quality ingredients; made from sustainable development and local sourcing as much as possible.

Eco-design products to offer the cleanest packaging, glass bottles, less plastic, holsters without film and without lamination, to avoid unnecessary overwrapping.
Think about recycling: For products with a pipette: separate the elements. Cardboard cases, aluminum operculum and polypropylene pots to be placed with recyclables. We invite you to send back your empty bottles which will be cleaned and reused. You will receive a 10% discount in return for your next order. 

Tests proving the high tolerance* and the efficiency of our products. Proven efficiency** of our formulas, performed by an independent laboratory.

*Skin and Ophthalmic tolerance tests: patch tests, safety safety test, phototoxicity test. **Efficiency tests under dermatological and ophthalmological control: tests of use with scoring and satisfaction.

our commitment with Up2green Reforestation


As eco-responsability is very important to us, we wanted to achieve our commitment in partnership with Up2green Reforestation Assocation.

India is a country dear to LABESSENTIEL (Pascale Gal, co-foundress of les huilettes, lived 5 years to Bombay), we have chosen a reforestation project in Tapi in the région of Gujarat just north to Bombay. Our financial participation enabled to carry out concrete actions:

• 500 fruit trees (whose pomegranate trees that we use in some of our products) were planted in July-August 2018,
• a dozen families are the direct beneficiaries,
• the owners of the planted trees, are going to be able to go through and sell the fruits produced,
• These trees will store about 75 tones of CO2 (within ten years).

Up2GreenUp2green Reforestation is a french NGO committed to reforestation and community agroforestry in the world. The main task of Up2green is to create, develop and coordinate community programmes on the spot and in schools with the support of companies or collectivities sharing the same engagement.
Among these actions: fiancial support, technical and human, awareness of local population to the risks of deforestation, pedagogical project on the spot and in schools for the younger ones.
Up2green Reforestation is active in 6 countries as Africa, India and South America through 9 differents programs.