our products

our products

les huilettes are a new approach to cosmetics, slow beauty, in the heart of nature, 100% vegetable, 100% active, organic, vegan and made in France.
les huilettes are offering the guarantee of natural cosmetics, without palm oil (or palm oil derivatives), without mineral oils and toxic ingredients.
les huilettes are complete-care serums which combine the magic of carefully selected essential oils and cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils. 

Each huilette is a unique synergy where nothing is fluff.

Inspired by aromatherapy, each drop of mon huilette contains the most valuable synergies of carefully selected, 100% active and effective plants. les huilettes are made of pure chemotyped essential oils and virgin cold-pressed vegetable oils, selected with conviction and dosed with precision. 
There is beauty to receive and to give. There is all that and much more, and yet, only the essential. 

our range

la gamme les huilettes

Less products, more efficient, natural, travel-friendly bottles, for women and men...

We have created les huilettes to be in line with our aspirations and our way of life.

mon huilette Day, the perfect anti-aging oil serum to protect and tone your skin,
mon huilette Body, the incredible body oil to nourish and relipid dry skin,
mon huilette Night, the ideal night serum for letting go and for a smooth and regenerated skin in the morning,
mon huilette Eyes, the eye contour roll on for glow and anti-age,
mon huilette Cleanse, the cleansing oil, a new ritual to cleanse without drying.

les huilettes are made in France.
les huilettes are natural cosmetics certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards.
les huilettes are Vegan registered by the Vegan Society.

our commitment

Our approach to beauty combines 100% botanical, 100% active, organic, and vegan ingredients sourced from nature. We select only pure essential oils and virgin cold-pressed vegetable oils of controlled, guaranteed origin. We do not refine or process our oils. We do not use palm or mineral oils.

Together with our suppliers and partners, in keeping with our label #LABESSENTIEL, we are committed to:

• offer products with tested and proven effectiveness under dermatological and ophthalmological control (use test with scouring and satisfaction),
• guarantee skin and ophthalmic tolerance (patch tests, ocular safety test, phototoxicity test),
• propose products compliant with the Cosmetic regulations EC N° 1223/2009 and ISO 221716,
• use only chemotyped essential oils and cold-pressed virgin oils,
• complying with the strictest hygiene and safety regulations, as well as with vegan and organic COSMOS Organic standards,
• preserving the environment, safeguarding biodiversity, and integrating the fundamental principles of sustainable development into our sourcing and production processes,
• respecting human rights (fighting child and forced labor, as well as discrimination) and striving for solidarity and fair trade while respecting every member of the supply-chain and local populations.