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Dream my Skin

Dream my Skin

Change of season, change of routine!

Lily's essentials for regaining perfect skin.

This pack contains

For a clearer skin, the 3 essentials for the face.

- All-in-one Sensitive oil.
The serum that will save your skin from everyday hassles. Ideal to help reduce redness and marks on the skin.
Composition rich in Beta carotene, for an immediate healthy glow effect!
Composition without essential oils to be particularly suitable for hypersensitive skin and at times complexities of life (pregnancy, breastfeeding).

- The universal Cream emulsion.
Fragrance-free cream to safely moisturize sensitive skin.
A 100% natural formula offers a selection of essential active ingredients to regain hydrated and plumped skin.
Composition without essential oils to be particularly suitable for hypersensitive skin and delicate moments in life (pregnancy , breastfeeding).
. Hydrating power of hyaluronic acid.
. Anti-aging benefits of Calendula, a natural source of retinol.
. Nourishing effect of Shea butter.
. Antioxidant and protective properties of pomegranate, plum and sunflower vegetable oils.

- Mask is a face mask for damaged skin.
No more dull complexion, the skin is detoxified and regains its radiance.
Unique formula and 100% of natural origin to get rid of all impurities.
. Prebiotic (from Chicory) to rebalance the skin microbiota.
. Fruit enzyme (from Papaya) for a peeling effect.
. Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils to refresh and purify.
White clay purifies without drying out, zinc salt reduces blemishes.
Chlorophyll provides an invigorating green color and protective virtues.

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