Wellness videos


Discover our morning or evening rituals and the benefits of self-massage.
Unique les huilettes rituals, gestures and breathing
for a shot of energy and letting go.

Practice facial yoga.
The 3 essential gestures, facial gymnastics exercises
to prevent and correct the signs of ageing.

Learn how to use your Gua-Sha stone.
The gestures to remember with your Gua Sha to relax your skin
and allow it to gain in elasticity.

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Morning ritual and self-massage

Facial Yoga with Day

Self-massage ritual particularly adapted to the morning, just before starting the day.

Perfect for refocusing all your energies and energizing yourself!

Evening ritual and self-massage

Facial Yoga with Night

Self-massage especially dedicated to the evening, to help you free yourself from the stress and tension of the day.

A feeling of letting go guaranteed!

Facial yoga

Facial gymnastic exercises

Deep and technical gestures for more firmness.
An inspiration of good waves, an expiration of well-being.

In short, the guarantee of a healthy glow!

Gua Sha Protocol

Gua Sha's essential gestures

The Gua Sha massage technique, using a white jade or black obsidian stone.

Result: tensions are released, the skin is lifted and the complexion is more glowy!

The universe of oils

Your skin's best allies.

Nourishing, plumping, smoothing ...
They have many virtues.

Discover the power of our huilettes.
Your skin is already saying thank you!

All your questions

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Which huilette(s) to integrate into your beauty routine?
How to apply les huilettes?

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