Quelle quantité de produit appliquer?

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Quelle quantité de produit appliquer?

Quelles sont les quantités recommandées pour mes Huilettes

In order to fully enjoy your Les Huilettes products and their active ingredients, it is important to use the right amount for each product.
In this article, we provide you with a summary of the proper dosages for each product.

3 to 5 drops
For the DAY, SENSITIVE, and NIGHT serums.
Place them on your fingertips, then apply to perfectly cleansed skin.
For the HAIR serum, use it daily.

1 to 2 pumps
On a damp wipe or directly into the palm of your hand for the CLEANSE cleansing and makeup remover.

1 to 2 pipettes
For the HAIR serum, when using it as a hair mask to apply to the entire hair.

3 to 5 pumps
Depending on the area to nourish for the BODY body oil.

1 hazelnut-sized amount
A small amount per dry area or on the lips for the RESCUE balm.
One hazelnut-sized amount for the universal CREAM.
One hazelnut-sized amount on each cheek, and one on the forehead for the purifying MASK.

There you have it... the dosage of Les Huilettes is no longer a secret for you ;)

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