Sensitive skin

Extra-gentle soap

Surgras soap
Cold saponification
Hands, face and body

Price €8.33

ma cure Protect

Food Supplement
Prepare the skin for sun exposure
Protects from external aggressions

Price €26.54

mon huilette Cream

Universal Emulsion
Face and neck

Price €25.00

mon huilette Cleanse

Gentle Cleanser

Price €39.58

mon huilette Sensitive

Oil serum
Soothing nourishing
Face and body

Price €32.50

Pretty girl, pretty skin

The skincare routine that removes make-up
without attacking young girls' skin...

Price €40.83

Sensitive Roll-on

mon huilette Sensitive
in Jade or Obsidian

Price €58.33

Sensitive skin, strong soul

A complete routine
for the most fragile skin.

Price €62.50