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Yoga of the face. The 3 essential gestures, facial gymnastics exercises to prevent and correct the signs of aging.
Self-massage. Our rituals les huilettes, unique gestures and breaths, for the benefits of energy and letting go.
Gua-Sha. The Gua-Sha technique, to relax your skin and allow it to gain elasticity.

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Treatments by les huilettes.

To go further, take the time for a facial care in our cabin located in Suresnes (92).
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All our facials combine the effects of 100% active organic synergies with maneuvers inspired by Ayurveda
and ko bi do to offer you well-being and radiance immediate.

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Beauty Tips.

In this section of our blog, you will find many tips for your daily beauty concerns.
The most important gestures to keep skin nourished and radiant, beauty rituals to potentiate the action of our products...

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