A mission above all

Authenticity, commitment and senses
are the heart of our beauty process.

Pascale, after more than 20 years in conventional cosmetics, wanted to rethink formulas...
More natural, always effective and with an olfactory promise of well-being.

For a simpler, more respectful beauty routine 
to feel good from the inside and the outside.

Pascale et Claire

A great tandem

They have known each other forever and share the same values.

Pascale is the peaceful strength: she searches, she digs, she analyzes, she understands, then she acts before digging a little deeper. Inhale, exhale, for her, the important thing is the journey.

Claire is a pure energy ball. She needs to move, to rock. To be agile, fast. She has no time to lose, that's why she has plenty of tips in her daily life to go faster.

les huilettes' tribe

les huilettes were born from a tribe of relatives, they have grown up with a community of fans.

You. Here or there, everywhere.

A community bound by its roots and its values,
anchored in 100% natural and 0% superfluous.
Allow us to share, exchange, collaborate, in spontaneity and benevolence.

Discover LES HUILETTES' tribe

Huilettes tribe

les huilettes and you

Because a community only lives if it is active,
join les huilettes' community.


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