For the planet

Cosmetics that respect the skin
and the planet.

We are committed to sustainable consumption for more reasoned consumption, by acting upstream of the design of all our products to limit our ecological impact.

On a daily basis, we work with committed suppliers and partners, with strict and shared specifications to guarantee you:

. ingredients from reasoned agriculture, organic when possible, which does not impoverish the soil,
. 100% natural formulas,
. eco-responsible, recyclable and reusable packaging: glass bottle, recycled plastic,
. a reduction in over-packaging: no instructions, no cardboard boxes,
. and lean printing: no lamination or microplastics.

Together, let's change our habits!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: these "3 Rs" are the pillars of responsible consumption.

Our actions for reforestation

We have chosen to sponsor two reforestation projects.
In Tarn, Envol Vert is developing with "Au pré de mes trees" a conservation project old fruit trees and ponds restoration in order to enhance old and local biodiversity.

In India, with Up2green Reforestation, we have chosen a reforestation project in Tapi in the Gujarat region of India. Our participation has led to concrete actions following:
- 500 fruit trees (including pomegranate, which we use in our products) were planted,
- A dozen families are the direct beneficiaries and will be able to consume or sell the fruit produced,
- These trees will store around 75 tonnes of CO2 (over 10 years).

Envol Vert is a French association founded in 2011 to protect forests and their biodiversity through support, funding and the development of sustainable projects. Envol Vert acts in the most disadvantaged countries and in France, while creating strong links with local populations to promote their preservation initiatives, participate in sustainable rural development and develop economic alternatives to deforestation.

Up2green Reforestation is a French NGO engaged in reforestation and agroforestry around the world. Its main mission is to create, develop and coordinate community programs in the field, with the support of companies or communities sharing the same commitment. Among its actions: financial, technical and human support, raising awareness among local populations of the risks linked to deforestation, educational projects on site and in schools. To date, Up2green Reforestation is present in 6 countries in Africa, India and South America through 9 different programs.

Our expertise, an integrated laboratory

In her parisian laboratory, for each creation, Pascale uses her pharmaceutical expertise to choose natural active ingredients with the most promising benefits:
Argan, Prickly Pear, Helichrysum ... She sources all ingredients from high quality partners and committed producers, concerned about organic farming and the planet.
Each ingredient is picked for its intrinsic qualities, for its color, its odor.

Discover our ingredients

Each production is made in small series and in France to guarantee maximum freshness of the active ingredients.
All our products are tested in laboratories independent: skin and ophthalmic tolerance tests (patch tests, eye safety test, phototoxicity test)
and efficacy tests under dermatological and ophthalmological control (use tests with scoring and satisfaction).

100% local and made in France.
Creation of formulas in our integrated laboratory in Suresnes in the Paris region.
Production and packaging in France (Nice, Angers and Lyon).

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certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards, Vegan registered by the Vegan Society.

A word from the founders

Authenticity, commitment and meanings
are the heart of our beauty process.

A new approach to cosmetics, unique,

using 100% active organic formulas, derived from high quality ingredients selected for their effectiveness and sensoriality.

The meeting of two minds, between Doctor of Pharmacy and aromatherapist, Pascale, in search of efficiency and quality, paired with Claire, the enterprising and spirited business dynamic of the team.

Pascale and Claire