Measuring our environmental impact

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Measuring our environmental impact

With an unique tool... The LABSCORE.

What is the LABSCORE?
The LABSCORE is a tool measuring our environmental impact and our eco-responsibility.
It allows us to take a fresh look at our environmental responsibility by awarding a score to each of our products.
It underlines our commitment as a brand and defines the possible improvements for each product.

Who created the LABSCORE?
This tool was designed by Pascale Gal and our R& D in partnership with our suppliers.
This is a comprehensive approach that assesses each raw material, each ingredient, each process and each stage in the development of our products.
This rating allows us to identify points for improvement and make the necessary changes to review our LABSCORE.

"With the LABSCORE, I wish to emphasize our commitment, our transparency and our desire to continue to improve our products in a constant process of quality and respect for the environment."
Pascale Gal, co-founder of Les Huilettes, Doctor of Pharmacy and aromatherapist
"Our suppliers are real partners, they followed us to set up this LAB< /span>SCORE. They were also fully transparent about their environmental commitment and the availability of raw materials (rarity, renewal, fair trade ...)"

How to read theLABSCORE of a product?

LABSCORE NotesAll our products are classified from A to D, according to their LABSCORE.
They are presented in the form of a leaf, increasingly green according to the quality of their note.
Each of our products has been evaluated and obtained a LABSCORE which is indicated in the product sheet on the site

How is it calculated?


The LABSCORE is calculated according to 5 criteria having a different weight according to their impact during the manufacture of the product:
- Criterion Ingredients. For each raw material used, with the help of our suppliers, we will try to note its ecological impact: availability of the ingredient, sustainability of crops, water consumption, carbon footprint...
- Criterion Formula. In the formula of each product, we will note the naturalness, the share of organic raw materials, the origin of the ingredients.
- Criterion Certification. Points are given to raw materials and ingredients with certifications because they have been "verified": Cosmos Organic, Vegan, Fair for Life or Fair Trade.
-Criteria Packaging. This Packaging analysis will take into account the materials, the origin of the bottles, the recyclability, the deposit, the papers and inks used, the no plastic...</ span>
- Criterion Production. All our products are made in France, but here we measure the CO2 emissions during manufacturing, the distance between the place of manufacture and the warehouses by example.

And then?

The LABSCORE is a valuable tool that allows us to seek continuous improvement by understanding and analyzing optimization levers.
Our next challenge? Take EYES from B to A!