I have skin concerns: pimples, acne, rosacea ... what do I do?

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I have skin concerns: pimples, acne, rosacea ... what do I do?

Some little tips to manage damaged skin or with some imperfections.

Generally, I adopt a "detox" routine
- I let my skin breathe overnight. I remove my make-up and cleanse my skin every night.
- I avoid all creams or products that pickle. Admittedly, it sometimes seems to purify the skin but it becomes even more sensitive and fragile.
- I offer my skin a week of detox: less cream, less makeup.
- I complete with a cure of food supplements.
To help my skin detoxify or protect itself from external aggressions.

More specifically
- For pimples, I avoid touching and crushing them.
- I use the most delicate care possible so as not to attack my skin. mon huilette Sensitive does not contain essential oils and has been specially formulated for the most delicate skin. It is the ideal care oil for very sensitive skin, acne and rosacea.

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