I want shine and glow!

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I want shine and glow!

It's the new buzzword, glow... And it's true that when it's all grey, we all want to glow! So here are some tips for an incredible glow.

- Favor a care oil
Rich in fatty acids, they are real nourishing care and a shield for all skin types.
Melting with the intercellular cement, they help retain water in the tissues and on the surface of the skin. The skin can play its role as a protective barrier and regain all of its density and firmness.

- With powerful active ingredients
Those that will have regenerating effects to eliminate the dead cells responsible for this dull complexion like Oregano or that can reduce pigmentary spots like oil carrot essential.
Active ingredients found in mon huilette Night.

- Activate circulation with self-massage gestures
We can't say it enough, massage is the best way to penetrate the active ingredients.
And then, it's also a moment for yourself that we offer ourselves.

- Last tip, in the morning, add a few drops of serum Day, in your tinted cream...
Brighter complexion and softer skin guaranteed!

And to go further, don't hesitate to discover mon huilette Day and mon huilette Night.