How to repair your hair after summer

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How to repair your hair after summer

Is your hair dry and dull from the sun? Follow the advice of les huilettes to regain healthy hair.

You come back from vacation tanned, rested... but with hair damaged by the sun. The drama!

Don't panic! You don't have to cut your hair if you take good care of it when you get back from vacation. Here are our two best products to pamper your hair and avoid the hairdresser.

1. We intensely nourish them with our HAIR serum
Hair will be your best friend for your hair. Everything is there to take care of your hair and revitalize it from root to tip: castor, coconut, hibiscus, safflower, hazelnut, sesame oils ... A real complex of active ingredients that nourishes and strengthens the hair. One application, and you will already see the difference! The hair is softer and silkier.
How to apply it? If you have very dry hair, we recommend an oil bath once a week. Apply our serum from root to tip for 1 hour or more if you wish, then rinse and shampoo as usual. This is the most effective technique to deeply nourish the hair and stimulate growth. You can also apply it daily on the ends only, to protect them from external aggressions and make them shinier. After several uses, you won't be able to live without it anymore!

2. A food supplement ma cure Hair during 3 months
A treatment that will repair the hair from the inside and stimulate its growth. It is an essential to adopt with our Hair serum if you wish to have healthy and strong hair. In the morning or in the evening, two capsules with a big glass of water and it's done. The results? You hair is more beautiful, grows faster and hair loss is limited.

With this in and out routine, hello soft and shiny hair for September. ;)

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