Fighting Breast cancer

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Fighting Breast cancer

At Les Huilettes, several causes are close to our hearts and breast cancer is one of them. For us, commitment was certain.

This year again, we are partnering with the Vaincre Le Cancer association to advance breast cancer research.

Founded by oncologists and researchers at Paul Brousse Hospital in Villejuif more than 35 years ago, this association funds hospital-clinical research units at the Villejuif cancerology site, research units in the AP-HP territory, and cutting-edge innovation platforms.

Vaincre Le Cancer contributes to supporting cancer research by providing essential funding to research units that pursue the most innovative strategies, including the use of cancer stem cells and oncogenetics.

Their objectives are:
- Increase knowledge about cancer to better understand the mechanisms of cancer occurrence, treatment resistance, and relapse.
- Accelerate therapeutic innovation through clinical and translational research.
- Make these advancements available to all patients as quickly as possible.

In addition to therapeutic treatments, patient support has become a real necessity to better address the physical, physiological, and social changes related to the disease.

It is only thanks to the generosity of its donors that the association can successfully carry out its cancer research programs and support initiatives for patients.
The collected donations enable funding for innovative programs:
- Improving diagnosis and predicting the effectiveness of treatments for breast cancer patients.
- Providing access to innovative therapies.
- Conducting qualitative evaluations of these therapeutic innovations.
- Personalizing curative and preventive therapeutic care.

Because October is inevitably associated with the color pink, Les Huilettes donates 1€ for every order placed to the association.
If you also wish to support them, you can make a donation here.

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