What's in my travel bag?

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What's in my travel bag?

Discover our travel must-haves

Planning a trip? Whether it's a long weekend, getaway, or business trip, we share the essentials to pack for a fantastic stay.

A good makeup remover. There's no skipping makeup removal even on vacation. It's a must-have in your toiletry bag. The CLEANSE cleansing oil is perfect for your travels with its reusable wipe, saving space in your bag.

Because we don't want to be overloaded, we prioritize products that can be used for any occasion and for the whole family. The all-in-one balm RESCUE fits in your bag (or even in your pocket) to nourish and repair the face, lips, and body.

To stay hydrated, especially after traveling by plane or spending the whole day in the sun, don't forget your moisturizer CREAM. Even on vacation, taking care of your skin daily is essential.

Lastly, take advantage of a 'no makeup' routine and prioritize a natural complexion to let your skin breathe in the fresh air. The extra touch: Sensitive provides an instant glow thanks to its rich beta-carotene composition.

All in travel size, your huilettes go wherever you go. Find our selection of travel essentials right here!