Dry brushing, the trendy technique to prepare for summer

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Dry brushing, the trendy technique to prepare for summer

Summer is coming, it is time to prepare your skin thanks to dry brushing

You have probably already heard of this ritual of dry brushing, as it is making its way into all beauty routines.
What does it really consist of?

Also known as body brushing, this very ancient practice was used in Ancient Asian civilizations to improve well-being and health. It helps exfoliate the skin and, most importantly, improve microcirculation by gently dry brushing the body and making circular movements with a natural bristle brush before showering.

This practice has numerous benefits:
- By eliminating dead skin cells, it promotes cell renewal.
- It enhances the effectiveness of the moisturizing/nourishing treatment that follows.
- It helps reduce cellulite by toning the skin and improving its elasticity.
- It has an energizing and stimulating function for the body.
- It helps reduce stress by promoting relaxation.

How to succeed in your dry brushing routine?

Follow these steps to maximize its effects:
1- Make sure that your brush and your skin are dry.
2- Start from the feet and slowly move upward to the top of the body, making gentle clockwise rotations on the upper body and linear movements on the legs.
3- Avoid areas of irritation and be gentle when brushing sensitive areas such as the face to avoid aggressing the skin.
4- After brushing, wash your body to eliminate dead skin cells.
5- Don't forget to nourish and tone your skin with a body oil, for example, like our BODY.

You can repeat this ritual once or twice a day, according to your preference and your skin's reaction. Some people prefer to do it in the morning to energize themselves, while others do it in the evening to relax.

What about you?