Keratosis pilaris, how to get smoother skin?

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Keratosis pilaris, how to get smoother skin?

Small red dots or irregular looking skin, here's how to reduce these symptoms

Have you ever had small red or brown dots on your arms or legs that give them an irregular appearance? It is probably keratosis pilaris. Let's focus on this benign condition that affects 1 in 4 people and how to alleviate its symptoms.

Keratosis pilaris (or Follicular Keratosis) is the result of an overproduction of keratin that blocks the skin's follicles, forming small bumps. The skin becomes rough with a "chicken skin" appearance. Most often, this condition is genetically inherited and its occurrence is aggravated by intense skin dryness.

Although there is no cure for keratosis pilaris, there are ways to relieve its symptoms and reduce the roughness of the skin.

Regular exfoliation in the shower can also help reduce the irregular appearance of the skin by unclogging pores and smoothing the skin's texture.

After exfoliation, it is important to maintain good daily skin hydration to alleviate keratosis pilaris, using skincare products with natural formulations and without potentially irritating ingredients.

For more severe cases, creams containing salicylic acid or enriched with urea can be effective in achieving smoother skin.