Double Cleansing, what benefits for your skin?

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Double Cleansing, what benefits for your skin?

Everything you need to know to double-cleanse correctly

It is well known that it is essential to cleanse and remove makeup from the face in the evening before going to sleep to maintain beautiful skin. But to take your beauty routine to the next level, the ultimate step is double cleansing. Highly favored by Koreans in their skincare routine, double cleansing involves using two different types of cleansers one after the other for a deep cleansing. But what is the benefit of cleansing your skin twice? We'll tell you everything!

There isn't really a specific standard routine for double cleansing with exact products; it can be a gel, balm, emulsion, etc.

Generally, we start with an oil-based makeup remover. This type of cleanser will first help dissolve makeup and daily impurities like pollution or excess sebum. Oil-based cleansers will cleanse the skin more deeply than surfactants.

The second step of double cleansing is to thoroughly cleanse the skin with your regular cleanser now that it is free from these impurities. For this, we prefer a hydrophilic product with a foaming texture or a soap.

This routine is perfect for all skin types and is very gentle to respect even the most sensitive skin. So, are you ready to adopt it?

We can finish this routine with a spritz of our moisturizing face mist, hydration and radiance guaranteed!