What is prenatal self-massage?

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What is prenatal self-massage?

How to benefit from prenatal self-massage?

During pregnancy, it is important to take moments of relaxation and well-being. One way to relax and relieve potential discomfort is to practice prenatal self-massage. Let's take a closer look at this beneficial practice.

What is prenatal self-massage?

Prenatal self-massage involves gentle movements that massage the belly without applying too much pressure. These gestures are recommended after the first trimester of pregnancy to relieve any tension.

What are its benefits?

In addition to helping alleviate discomfort through the movements and warmth of your hands, prenatal self-massage can help prevent stretch marks and provide a daily moment of connection with your baby.

Which product should be used for prenatal self-massage?

An oil is used to ensure gentle gestures on the skin. A 100% natural oil without essential oils, such as SENSITIVE, is ideal for this type of massage, especially suitable for pregnant women.

Find the tutorial for prenatal self-massage with your sensitive oil right here by Label Inspi, who shares the daily gestures to adopt during pregnancy.