How to keep your skin hydrated this summer?

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How to keep your skin hydrated this summer?

Our best hydratation tips

All year round, but especially in summer, it is essential to stay hydrated for good health and to have smooth and radiant skin! So how can you take good care of your hydration on a daily basis?

1. The star ingredient: hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid is found in many skincare products for its hydrating power! Using a moisturizing cream rich in hyaluronic acid like the UNIVERSAL CREAM emulsion helps deeply hydrate the skin and boost its natural production.

2. Exfoliation
To fully benefit from the hydrating properties of your skincare products, it is important to exfoliate the skin with a SCRUB exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and allow the cream to penetrate the epidermis more effectively.

3. Drink, drink, drink
There is no secret, hydration primarily comes from the inside. It is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. You can vary your sources of hydration with mineral water, juices, and infusions to stay hydrated throughout the day.

It's up to you to take care of your skin to maintain its radiance and firmness.