How to have a long-lasting tan?

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How to have a long-lasting tan?

How to take care of your tanned skin after your holiday.

Back from vacation and want to keep a souvenir of your trip with a beautiful sun-kissed skin for your return? Here's how to naturally prolong your tan.

1. Exfoliate your skin to eliminate dead cells
To enhance your skin and bring out its sun-kissed complexion, it's essential to regularly exfoliate. A scrub like SCRUB helps you get rid of dead cells and refine the skin's texture to restore its radiance. It's recommended to exfoliate once a week only to avoid aggressing the skin.

2. Hydrate the skin intensely
Hydration is key to maintaining your tan. Improve skin hydration by drinking plenty of water and choosing the ideal moisturizing treatment. The universal emulsion CREAM will be your daily ally in preserving your sun-kissed complexion by deeply moisturizing your skin. Use it morning and night.

3. Consume certain foods
Lastly, certain foods can help you maintain your tan and are therefore interesting to include in your diet. It's important to favor foods rich in carotenoids, which stimulate melanin production. Among them are carrots, of course, but also tomatoes, apricots, and melons. A great way to stock up on fruits and vegetables at the end of summer.

Now you know how to maintain your tan so that it lasts until your next sunny vacation!