How to get rid of blackheads?

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How to get rid of blackheads?

Easy and natural ways to be free from blackheads

Although it can be tempting to squeeze or use blackhead patches, these methods are too aggressive for the skin. Here's a gentler and more natural method to get rid of them.

What is a blackhead?
Blackheads are caused by a buildup of sebum and impurities that clog the pores. That's why they are more common in oily or combination skin types. Their black color is due to the oxidation of sebum when it comes into contact with the air. Their formation can be caused by excess sebum, pollution, or hormonal changes.

How to get rid of them naturally?

Thoroughly cleanse the skin
Firstly, cleanse the skin to remove impurities. It is important to cleanse your face well to prevent the accumulation of sebum and impurities in the pores. For a complete and gentle cleansing, you can use the CLEANSE cleansing and makeup remover to remove daily makeup and impurities. For more sensitive skin, we recommend cleansing with a gentle soap without essential oils.

Gentle exfoliation
To boost the process of eliminating dead skin cells, use a gentle scrub that helps remove impurities clogging the pores. Once a week, you can use the SCRUB exfoliating scrub and gently massage it in circular motions to effectively unclog the pores. Be careful not to over-exfoliate to avoid damaging the skin.

Purify without drying out
Finally, give your skin a detox by applying the MASK purifying face mask once a week. With the help of Tea Tree essential oil, this mask helps purify the pores and achieve a radiant complexion while reducing imperfections. Bonus: it has a peeling effect due to fruit enzymes, leaving the skin soft and smooth after rinsing.

Now you have the perfect routine to prevent blackheads :)