How much of each product to use?

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How much of each product to use?

The right quantity to get a maximum effect

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of your Les Huilettes products and their active ingredients, it is important to use the correct quantities for each product. In this article, we provide you with a summary of the recommended doses for each product.

How much serum should you use for the DAY, SENSITIVE, and NIGHT serums?
Dispense 3 to 5 drops onto your fingertips, then apply to thoroughly cleansed skin.

How much of the universal emulsion CREAM should you use?
A small amount, equivalent to a hazelnut, is sufficient for each application.

How much of the purifying mask MASK should you use?
Apply a thin layer, 1 to 2 hazelnut-sized amounts are enough.

How much of the cleansing and makeup remover CLEANSE should you use?
1 to 2 pumps on a cotton pad or directly into the palm of your hand.

How much of the hair serum HAIR should you use?
For daily use: warm 2 to 3 drops in your hands
As a hair mask: apply 1 to 2 pipettes to the entire hair length.

How much of the body oil BODY should you use?
Apply 3 to 5 pumps depending on the area you want to nourish.

How much of the balm RESCUE should you use?
Use 1 hazelnut-sized amount for each dry area or on the lips.

Now you have all the insider knowledge about Les Huilettes products ;)

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