What are the benéfits of facial yoga?

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What are the benéfits of facial yoga?

Why should you add facial yoga to your beauty routine.

At Les Huilettes, we are fans of yoga in all its forms, but especially facial yoga.

What is facial yoga?
Facial yoga is an ancient practice originating from Japan. In France, it was popularized by Sylvie Lefranc and her book 'Yoga du visage' (Face Yoga). It involves self-massage techniques to be performed in the morning or evening, which help firm the skin. Just as yoga tones the body, facial yoga acts on skin firmness.

What are its benefits?
When done regularly, facial yoga is a natural and effective method to prevent signs of aging and target early wrinkles and fine lines. Self-massage stimulates collagen production, promoting skin regeneration. The skin instantly appears younger and more supple. Facial yoga also has other benefits, such as improving microcirculation in the face, providing oxygen to the cells internally and giving radiance to the skin externally. It also promotes relaxation by allowing you to let go and release muscle tension.

How to practice facial yoga?
You can start incorporating facial yoga into your beauty routine right now. Take a few drops of your favorite facial oil (DAY, NIGHT, or SENSITIVE), warm it in your hands, and follow these basic movements.

1. Focus on the lower part of the face

Smooth the jawline for an immediate lifting effect. Starting from the chin with closed fists, stretch along the jawline to the ears.

2. Focus on the cheeks

Apply pressure to bring a rosy glow to your cheeks. Apply firm pressure with your fingertips, starting from the jawline towards the cheekbones and then to the ears.

3. Focus on the eyebrows

Pinch the eyebrows for a bright and plump look. Pinch the eyebrows with your thumb and index finger, moving from the inner to the outer parts of the face.

Repeat each movement 3 times.

To watch a video demonstrating facial yoga exercises, click here!