How to deal with breakouts after summer?

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How to deal with breakouts after summer?

How to prevent the rebound effect on your skin after summer?

We've all been there...
Returning from vacation with a beautiful tan, we want to make that lovely complexion last... but small blemishes start appearing.
It's the rebound effect that reminds us that the holidays are over...
How can we deal with it?

Why do I get breakouts after summer?
There can be several explanations for this sudden appearance of imperfections.
The main culprit? The sun!
During summer and sun exposure, breakouts tend to disappear.
The skin thickens to protect itself against UV rays, and it becomes drier, which reduces the occurrence of breakouts.
However, upon returning to lower sun exposure, the skin reverts to its natural texture and thins out. It's during this process that the appearance of imperfections is favored.
Sebum production returns to its usual level, and the epidermis purges the accumulated sebum from the summer.

How to prevent breakouts after sun exposure?
There are, however, solutions to avoid this phenomenon.
During vacations, take care of your skin and don't forget the essentials!
1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin
It is essential not to skip a deep cleansing of the skin. Think about all that sunscreen that protected you all day...
It's crucial to get rid of it at the end of the day to avoid clogging the pores. The double cleansing routine is perfect for the summer.
2. Pamper your skin with exfoliation
Once a week, you can treat your skin to a scrub. Again, this will help your skin get rid of impurities and avoid clogging the pores, which causes breakouts upon returning.
3. Hydrate thoroughly
In summer, the skin gets dried out due to prolonged sun exposure. As a result, it reacts to this change in hydration by producing more sebum. To prevent this overproduction, continue to hydrate your skin daily with the universal CREAM emulsion and drink plenty of water!

And what if I still get breakouts?
Leave your skin alone
Avoid touching the blemishes with your hands. This can worsen their appearance by causing inflammation.
A drop of tea tree oil on the big pimple, and the DAY anti-blemish serum on the rest of your face, and you're ready for the day!

This is a good skincare routine that will help reduce post-vacation imperfections.