What essential oils to bring in vacation?

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What essential oils to bring in vacation?

Pascale, aromatherapist shares her 3 favorites for summer.

You know the benefits of essential oils, but you may not be sure which ones to include in your toiletry bag.
For small bruises, wounds, or insect bites... they work wonders when used properly!
Pascale, co-founder of Les Huilettes and aromatherapist, has selected the 3 essential oils that are essential for this summer. Be careful, their powers are potent, so remember to respect the dosage!

1. Helichrysum Essential Oil
A little bump and oops, a bruise...
With its very powerful anti-hematoma property, Helichrysum essential oil is the SOS remedy to reduce bruises and contusions.
How to use it?
Immediately after the impact, apply a drop directly on the bruise and gently massage. Repeat in the morning and evening until the bruise disappears.
Used in our cosmetics, Helichrysum essential oil stimulates collagen synthesis, making it a precious anti-aging ally in our NIGHT serum.

2. Lavender Essential Oil
An insect bite, a small wound, or a minor burn? Lavender essential oil soothes the sensation of heat and aids in healing.
How to use it?
As soon as possible, apply a drop directly on the affected area and gently massage. Repeat in the morning and evening until healing is complete.
In our cosmetics, you can find it in our BODY body oil for soothing (ideal after sun exposure) and relaxing (perfect for heavy legs).

3. Peppermint Essential Oil
Headaches or motion sickness... The fresh scent of peppermint essential oil relieves and calms.
How to use it?
For headaches, apply a drop on the temples and a drop at the base of the neck. To relieve motion sickness, apply a drop on half a sugar cube.
In our cosmetics, peppermint essential oil can be found in the MASK purifying mask for a refreshing detox for your skin :)

Now you know which essential oils to pack in your suitcase to enjoy their benefits this summer!