Oils, a must in your beauty routine!

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Oils, a must in your beauty routine!

We know that oils are super effective for your skin problems

But what makes them so incredible?
- The oils have a 100% active composition.
- Each oil has different activities, you just have to choose the right one!
- Meet your needs effectively by choosing the most suitable oil.

Do you have scars?
Choose oils rich in omega 7, such as Sea Buckthorn, which is found in SENSITIVE.

You do not can't get rid of your bags and dark circles?
Opt for calophyll oil and its draining and decongestant actions which will reduce them and give you a radiant look! You will find it in our 3-in-1 EYES.

Do you have fine lines and wrinkles that bother you?
Say goodbye to them by choosing oils rich in vitamin E with anti-aging action, such as prickly pear oil found in your favorite product: NIGHT.

There is an oil for every skin problem, and at les huilettes, we work on oil synergies to meet all your needs!