Clear your mind with spring cleaning

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Clear your mind with spring cleaning

Devoting ourselves to the essentials. It happened just like that while listening to a podcast. The host, a coach, discusses topics that resonate with us and gives us advice...

Spring Cleaning... What if we also lightened our minds?

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Devoting ourselves to the essentials.
It happened when we were listening to a podcast...
The host, a coach, discusses topics that resonate with us and gives genuinely useful advice for living a better life. We're big fans! In short, we're there, in express mode, listening to her speak about essentialism. A barbaric term for a straightforward principle: knowing how to focus on what truly matters. We think, okay, great.

But practically? Well, we start by asking ourselves what is essential in our lives. What makes us happy, what makes us proud, what makes us feel confident. In coach language: aligned!
So, we stop allowing ourselves to be undermined by what we hear or see around us, we don't pressure ourselves by thinking that everyone else does everything so much better than us, and we accept that we can't be Mrs. Perfect. Because we can't be on all fronts at the same time, and we can't embody everything that others have at their best. Trying to be the woman who has a husband who is always in love, brilliantly raised and successful children involved in numerous activities, a dream job, a vibrant social life, and time to sculpt her beautiful body, all effortlessly, is just mission impossible! At least for us. And trying exhausts us, it erodes our self-esteem. It's counterproductive and toxic. Enough! We put that in our minds, we admit it, we accept it, and then we sort things out. We eliminate what seems superfluous and keep what makes sense for us. We'll see how it goes.

For us, it's simple; we started right away: we freed up time to play with our youngest because spending time with her right now is essential for us. Each person has their own basics. The vital part is identifying them well and devoting all our energy to them.
And we started this Spring Detox by removing all the superficial elements from our lives...

0% superfluous, does that ring a bell?

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