Gua Sha - Les Huilettes
Gua Sha - Les Huilettes
Gua Sha - Les Huilettes

Gua Sha stone

White Jade
Black Obsidian

Gua Sha

Skin type
All skin types.
Lack of firmness.
Smoother and firmer skin.

Gua Sha is a massage technique using a white jade or black obsidian stone, with a shape designed to adapt perfectly to each area of ​​the face.
The gestures consist of smoothing movements and sustained pressure. Gradually, the tensions are released, the skin is lifted and the complexion more radiant.

The stone Gua Sha in White Jade , symbol of wisdom and purity, harmonizes the spirit and balances the skin. It is a very soothing stone which makes it ideal for irritated skin.
The Gua Sha stone in black Obsidian , symbol of protection and healing, offers the skin a regenerating action. This black stone resulting from a volcanic rock, regenerates and heals the epidermis while promoting the production of collagen.

The benefits of massage with the Gua Sha stone:

. Firms facial muscles and prevents loss of firmness,
. Lifts the contours of the face and deflates the features,
. Through massage, activates blood circulation and oxygenates cells,
. Reduces muscle tension.

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