• Beauty Set
Dream my body

Dream my body

Change of season, we take care of your legs.

Exfoliation and nutrition objective for dry skin.

This pack contains

For soft and nourished skin, Lily's essentials.

- Scrub scrub.
A 100% natural scrub ideal for the body, which can also be used for the face. Its super clean formula is palm oil free. Its unique fragrance of Green Mandarin, Chamomile and Lavender offers relaxation and well‐being.

. Eliminates impurities and dead cells (Cane sugar)
. Detoxifies and restores radiance (Oregano)
. Nourishes and protects (Coconut, Roman Chamomile)
. Brings well-being and relaxation (True Lavender, Green Mandarin)

- Body treatment oil.
This body treatment is ideal for nourishing and replenishing dry skin thanks to a unique synergy of 6 essential oils and 4 plant oils selected for their draining and firming effects. Legs are crazy about it after depilation or after sunbathing... Its Grapefruit zest fragrance and its herbaceous green note on Lavender floral heart provides well-being and lightness to use, a real addiction as the days go by!
. Nourishes, protects and soothes feelings of tightness linked to dryness (Argan, Avocado and Soy (omega 3, 6 and 9))

. Improves tone, skin elasticity (Grapefruit, Shiu, Geranium Rosat and Palmarosa)
. Provides well-being and lightness (Lavender, Lentisk Pistachio)

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