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Dream my Hair

Dream my Hair

Change of season, focus on hair & nails.

Lily's essentials for stronger hair.

This pack contains

For stronger hair, Lily's essentials.

- Hair serum, the solution to hair that lacks shine, is dry and damaged.
This precious serum nourishes and revitalizes your hair thanks to a synergy of vegetable and essential oils, combined with a complex of active ingredients that stimulate growth, boost the density and thickness of the hair.< br />. Stimulates hair growth (complex of active ingredients: Hibiscus, Safflower, Sunflower)

. Strengthens the hair fiber (Ricin)
. Soothing action (Cameline, True Lavender)
. Nourishes and protects (Hazelnut, Sesame, Coco)
. Maintains hydration and feels dry (Active rich in squalene, Jojoba)
Protects against the drying effects of salt and the sun.

- Cure Hair, a dietary supplement that nourishes the hair fiber from within, to regain strength and vitality.
. Brewer's Yeast: nourishes the hair fiber and stimulates repels.
. Bilberry: activates the micro-circulation of the scalp.
. Nettle: prevents hair loss, accelerates hair growth and cleanses the scalp.
. Acai: strengthens hair and restores shine.
. Micro-encapsulated zinc: promotes healthy hair.
. Arginine: provides intense nutrition for the hair.
Once a day, morning or evening, two capsules of Cure Hair with a large glass of water.
A program of one months for stronger, shinier hair.

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