Sharing her beauty tips between mother and daughter

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Sharing her beauty tips between mother and daughter

Because beauty is a story of shared complicity, beauty advice that we pass on and nuggets that we discover...

Let's talk about natural beauty and moments shared between mother and daughter to pamper and take care of yourself.

Because mums always have beauty tips for having radiant, clear skin over the years...
What you should never forget, and our mums have often told us, is is to always go to bed with clean, clear skin.... and to always remove your makeup even after a night of dancing!
And your skin will thank you for taking these five minutes to remove your makeup. It's the number 1 beauty gesture!

What if the girls also shared their beauty tips?
Perhaps a perfect anti-blemish serum for young skin but also for blemishes linked to hormonal imbalance! To be used before with your day cream or a few drops in your tinted cream to bring radiance.

And for a moment for two? What about getting together for a detox herbal tea and a shared complicity while putting on a mask? Our purifying mask 3 in 1 MASK, purifies the skin without drying it out and offers an immediate healthy glow effect.

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and it's the perfect opportunity to create a beauty ritual for your mom too :)
Remember that beauty is also a moment of sharing!