How to prevent brown spots on the skin?

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How to prevent brown spots on the skin?

Brown spots and sun spots, what is causing them?

Many women are affected by this pigmentation problem. Often located on the face or hands and caused by an overproduction of melanin, they have several causes.

What are the causes of brown spots?
They can be due to skin aging, as these signs of aging become more frequent after the age of 40.
Excessive sun exposure can also cause their appearance, especially if the skin is not properly protected from UV rays.
The cause can also be hormonal, such as the famous 'pregnancy mask' when pregnant women develop small brown spots around the eyes and cheeks.
But don't panic, this hyperpigmentation is benign but can be aesthetically displeasing. There are solutions to reduce their appearance and maintain an even complexion.

How to prevent them?
To prevent brown spots, you can use a facial treatment enriched with antioxidants. They protect the cells from oxidation, one of the main causes of skin aging. Our DAY serum is a valuable asset against the appearance of brown spots thanks to its formula containing antioxidants. Additionally, the carrot seed essential oil it contains is also known for its anti-spot action.

Similarly, to prevent brown spots caused by the sun, always apply effective sun protection against UVA and UVB rays daily and reapply every 2 hours during direct sun exposure.

Now you know everything to combat the appearance of these brown spots. No excuse not to take care of your skin!