Letting go infusion
Letting go infusion
French organic infusion
Letting go infusion

Letting go infusion

les huilettes x Infuse

The promise of sweet starry nights | 15g

Stress and Nervousness.
Relaxing and restful effects.

When Pascale meets Geraldine, whom she knew on the benches of the faculty of pharmacy... this inevitably offers a soft and subtle blend of fresh plants and expertise... A selection of plants carefully selected and precisely dosed for maximum efficiency all natural.

Géraldine and Nathalie, two pharmacists herbalists, plants and infusions in bulk, compositions made to measure and according to needs, this is the concept of Infuse in Montpellier.

Together, they have selected the noblest aromatic plants with virtues recognized for their relaxing and restful benefits.
An herbal tea of ​​this infusion exclusively developed for the huilettes and you will be ready to slip into the arms of Morpheus !

• Marjoram,
• Melissa,
• Chamomile,
• Orange tree.

Made with love and expertise.
100% organic ingredients and from French producers.
No added flavors.

One to two cups a day at any time to promote relaxation.
A large mug before going to bed.

Discovery format in a round and recyclable cardboard box of 15g.
Tasting format in 50g recyclable kraft bag.

Preparation tips
Heat the water until it simmers.
Remove from the heat and add the plants.
Cover and let steep 5 to 10 min.

Tasting advice
One to two cups a day at any time to promote relaxation.

Weight 50g.

The benefits of plants,
100% organic ingredients from French producers.
No added flavors.

La Marjolaine
Slightly antidepressant, helps to fall asleep, calms digestive disorders, spasms ... related to stress. Indicated in case of burn-out, nervous fatigue.
Lemon balm
Relieves bloating. Soothes in case of nervousness, slight depression.
Promotes sleep through its relaxing action, contributes to quality sleep.
The Orange Tree
Helps with relaxation, appeasement and physical well-being.

Usage tips

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